NOW THAT THE RAIN HAS STOPPED – Take the learning outside

As we head into week four of distant learning and self-quarantine, we cannot thank our schools, teachers and community enough for all of their efforts. Parents are now finding themselves working hard each day to keep the momentum going with class Zoom calls, ST Math and remembering the basic rules of fractions…(thank goodness for Google!). Even with all of our amazing resources, sometimes you just have to get the kids outside; which is harder to do with our beaches and parks closed. We have come up with a few ideas that you can create in your own outdoor space to keep the kids busy and happy – any maybe even learning a few things – all at the same time.

Take the learning outside and make your own Outdoor Chalkboard. You can throw some chalkboard paint or contact paper up on the side of the house or garage or even set up a rolling chalkboard the kids can take in or out.

A mini rock wall and cargo net obstacle course. A step-by-step on how to build with materials you can order online – let the kids help with the setup and time them to see how much stronger and faster they get over the next few weeks. 

Have an old baby pool stored in the garage? On warm days fill it up with water and throw in bath toys, measuring cups and food coloring. Get some sand and bury toys for a dinosaur dig. Make giant bubbles. Cover the pool with blankets and pillows for a fun outside picnic. 

Start your own garden. Can be as small as a few pots on the window ledge, a hydroponics kit or a full veggie garden in the backyard. Check out these two articles from Better Homes & Gardens and Real Simple for tips on how to turn your thumb green. 

A little bit of artificial turf can go a long way. You can make your own putting green or bocce court, or create a special nook to set up an outdoor tent for when your kids…or you…need some solo time. 

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