What is the hottest selling design esthetic?

When getting ready to sell your home it is important to take a step back and consider
what features can help increase your selling price. Sometimes little updates go a long way
and other times investing in a bigger project is worth it for the ROI.

The following design trends are currently the most heavily searched and desired in the
buying market:

 Modern Farmhouse Style: Featured in a new report from Zillow , when
mentioned in a for-sale listing, “Modern Farmhouse Style” was associated with a
10.3% sale premium, the largest price premium of any home feature or style
Zillow looked at. That adds up to about $25,000 on a typical American home or if
you live in Coastal Orange County, could be likely over $100,000!

 Unique Custom Details: Clients love custom accents  and according to a recent article
in Domino, adding custom details to your listing equates to big money. For example
mentioning waterfall countertops earned 9.4% more than the expected price.
Other features include custom built in’s and outdoor living areas.

 Adventurous Décor: Feeling a little adventurous in your choices could earn you
more as well. Blue marbles, Moroccan tile, and high contrast geometric patterns
can equal more money in your pockets as buyers feel as though they are getting a
one-of-a-kind home.

Get creative and have fun with your design. Whether it be the exterior of your home
or a few small details inside, incorporating elements of design can help increase your
base selling point. There are so many trends to choose from, if feeling overwhelmed grab
a pro that can help with your vision. – @andramillerdesigns @alderjamesco