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We recently closed a transaction here in Laguna Beach with some of our favorite clients, and we wanted to share some of the kind words they had to say.

Thank you Dan & Taylor!

“We just completed a seamless home purchase in Laguna Beach with Andrea representing us. I cannot recommend her more highly. I have provided a perfect score on all dimensions, which might seem less credible, but I thought deeply about this, and am confident that this is an accurate review based on my experience.

(For context, I grew up in a ‘Real Estate’ household. My father was a broker and my mother an agent in Southern California for over 20 years.)

Local Knowledge:

(5 stars – without question) Andrea grew up in Laguna Beach. This is invaluable. I could ask her about anything from landslide history to traffic patterns to crime and she was able to answer every question with confidence. This also proved valuable in the search process. In describing what kind of house we were looking for, I was able to develop a ‘short-hand’ with Andrea immediately. She knew exactly what we were interested in and this saved us both a ton of time. As an out of town buyer, she was able to do some vetting for us – sometimes even walking through homes with me using FaceTime to give me virtual tours to gather reference points.

Process Expertise:

(5 Stars) Andrea made the entire process as easy as it could possibly be, particularly for an out of town Buyer. Beyond the offer and escrow process (which she clearly has mastered over years), she has a strong knowledge of local rules, regulations, permits and process for local approvals of any changes one might make to a home. In addition, she has a strong stable of service providers she was able to recommend which made my buying experience infinitely easier, as I could just trust her local providers to take care of needed repairs. She always made sure I had a clear sense for process timing and next steps. I never had to ask her what to expect next.


(5 Stars) Like any great leader, Andrea made me feel like I was her only client – which I knew was certainly not the case. She used text, email and calls appropriately to parse ‘quick updates’ vs. topics that might require more of a conversation. She respected my calendar and always over-communicated, even with a quick one sentence update via text. She is clearly hyper-organized, and she pays attention to every detail, which also makes for exceptional communication efficiency. She has definitely mastered her ‘executive communication’ skills.

Negotiation Skills:

(5 Stars) Negotiation guidance/consultation is one of the cornerstone skills of a great real estate professional. Moreover, it is also where great agents are clearly separated from average agents. Our purchase involved a special circumstance which highlighted Andrea’s integrity, trustworthiness, and overall character – which are the most critical attributes in selecting an agent to represent you in a transaction from either side.

With all of the efficient communications, it is also important to mention her manner of communication. I never ONCE felt pressured. Andrea’s priority is in making her clients happy. She is clear, direct and no-nonsense, even when approaching difficult moments in a negotiation. I never had the feeling that we wasted time, and yet, never felt rushed either.

Andrea is a consummate professional. She is completely dedicated to the success and happiness of her clients. She is also dedicated to being the absolute best at what she does, and this is what really sets her apart.

-Dan B., Laguna Beach

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