We’ve decided to begin a new series here on the blog where we discuss some of your most common questions with one of our experts.

This week, we’re speaking with our Team Leader, Andrea Ballesteros. Here’s what she had to say:


What are the most common mistakes you’ve seen on the buyer or seller side of a real estate transaction?

Buyer Side | Not being prepared and missing out on an opportunity. It is important for buyers to have their financing in order so that when that opportunity comes up they will be able to move quickly on it. This market is fast moving and it helps to be prepared. If you are paying cash it should be liquid and available, if you are financing you need to be pre-approved with your preferred lender. Another buyer side mistake is not having an agent represent you and your needs. Some buyers like to call listing agents off Zillow thinking this will save them the most money. An experienced buyers agent can save you well beyond the slight discount a seller may receive having their agent represent both sides.

Seller Side | Know your property and address anything that could come up in inspections beforehand.

In your experience, when is the best time to sell one’s home?

In the typical year the hottest selling season is April through August however this year the seasons have shifted. We are still seeing a high demand and low supply. All indicators predict a strong market moving forward.   

What are some common closing expenses for sellers? 

The seller is responsible for most of the costs associated with a sale. Commissions, title insurance, escrow fees (their side only). In the city of Laguna Beach you need a city of Laguna Beach real property report referred to as an RPR. A home warranty for the buyer.

Which improvements add the most value to a home ready to be listed? 

Kitchen, master bathroom and guest bathrooms, a fresh coat of paint, landscaping and deep cleaning.

Any advice you would give to someone looking to buy or sell a home right now? 

Hire a pro. There are still opportunities out there and if you work with a professional who is experience and hyper local in the community they will find them for you. Sometimes the deal is getting the home right now against other buyers. Regardless, a veteran agent can help you navigate the market and make the best decision.

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